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SEO Services Poole - Flatrate Services Group

Search Engine Optimisation 

We specialise in getting your business noticed!

All our digital services are supplied from within our head office based in Poole Dorset. As a leading UK based SEO & Digital Marketing Agency, our award winning team specialise in getting online businesses found on the search engines. Our SEO department

have particular expertise in providing local, regional and national exposure and we can help your business stand out from the crowd improving your online visibility and driving business to your website.  

Why not give our SEO team a call today for a free and no obligation quote to suit your business requirements or visit the SEO Flatrate website to find out more.

SEO Flatrate is a trading name of the Flatrate Services Group and you can visit our website using the button to your right.

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On-Page SEO

It all starts with the website.

The best place to start is with your website itself, then if your website is not setup or configured correctly from the offset (On-Page Ready) this will affect your ability to rank well in the first place.

With our 100% free website audit services from SEO Flatrate, you will be able to identify if there are any underlying issues that may need addressing before you consider investing.

Our On Page SEO Services will check the following settings and provide recomendations:

Title Tags

Meta Tags

Site Title (H1)

Headings (H2, H3,H4,H5)

Description Tags

HTML Content Analysis

ALT Tags

In order to get your 100% free and no obligation website audit today simply use the get a free audit button and we will let you know if your website is "open for business". 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) simply put is a form of online advertising designed to enhance the visibility of your online business through the deployment of paid adverts in the search results.

Originally the term Search Engine Marketing "SEM"

was more widely used as a general term to describe all online marketing methods including Search Engine Optimisation "SEO" and paid for searches but not. There are many different types of Search Engine Marketing but most commonly the term SEM would cover all types of paid listings such as:

Paid Search Ads,

Paid Search Advertising

PPC (Pay-per-click*)

CPC (Cost-per-click)

CPM (Cost per 1k impressions**)

There are many platforms eligible for Search Engine Marketing, but when it comes to PPC, CPC and CPM campaigns we refer to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

PPC is a great tool if you are looking for quick budget driven results via an SEM campaign tailored around your business needs. A successful marketing strategy would ideally be partnered alongside an ongoing SEO campaign to enhance your positioning in the organic search results (SERPS). Our team of SEO & SEM experts are here to assist you, contact us today to arrange a free and no obligation consultation. 


*Some ads, particularly those served on mobile search users, may be charged by the number of clicks that resulted in a direct call from a smartphone - (pay-per-call)

**The majority of search ads are sold on a CPC / PPC basis, but some advertising options may also be sold on a CPM basis.

Competitor Analysis tools - Flatrate Services Group

Read our Reviews

Trust Pilot 5 Star Reviews SEO Flatrate.

"I have been impressed by the…

I have been impressed by the professionalism of the team at SEO Flatrate by providing to me, in a timely manner, useful reports, recommendations and technical SEO audits in order to scope my SEO project."

Professional SEO & Competitor Analysis Tools   

Putting your business in the driving seat.

Power is nothing without control, so we will provide your business and your employees with 24/7 access to our professional SEO and competitor analysis tools.

Receive free and unlimited access to all your online  business data, make decisions and monitor your online progress from anywhere in the world using our powerful web based software.   

Track your online progress and more importantly ours, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, find out how your business is performing on Google, Bing & Yahoo, monitor your search engine ranking position (SERPs), compare with your nearest competitors, or simply 

monitor and compare any businesses of your choice. 

Create events and run unlimited web audits with our professional SEO tools we put you in the driving seat.

Results Driven 

97% of all our current SEO clientbase hold page one positions on Google, Bing & Yahoo for their chosen keywords 

5* Reviews

We dont expect you to take our word for it, read our reviews to find out what our customers are saying about our SEO services

Monthly Reporting

We provide full and detailed reports covering all works we have completed on your behalf each and every single month

No Tie-ins

We don't agree with minimum term tie-ins or contracts, we provide a results driven model to keep our customers onboard

Reputation Management Tools - Flatrate Services Group
  • Grow your reviews on the sites that matter 

  • Send professional email and SMS campaigns

  • Create your own bespoke email templates 

  • Collect reviews for your business at anytime

  • See your customer feedback all in one place

Reputation Management

Keeping an eye on your online reputation 

An excellent online reputation puts your business ahead of the competition. With Reputation Manager from Flatrate Services you can quickly identify your happiest customers and make it easier for them to share their experiences on the most important review sites. 


Let our reputation manager monitor the internet and alert you of any negative reviews that may affect your business, quickly identify and respond to any online negativity from within our reputation manager software, saving you time and helping you manage and grow your online  reputation.  

Your review Inbox allows you to see all your reviews across every location in one single, easy-to-manage feed. So no matter if you are a multi-location business or an online agency working with multiple clients, you’ll be able to spot and respond to issues faster and put out fires before they start.

Try our SEO & SERP Management software for free for 14 days!

What business is saying about us

The Flatrate Services Group are a 5* rated business 

These guys have managed to do what a lot of others failed at. Great service and open about what they do. Recommended

Over the moon with new website and logo, very professional thank you for all your help.

An excellent company and very competitive pricing. So far I have been really happy with the service that has been provided and will continue to use them.

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